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Chapter Two - Deadline: January 29th! To be created by Alex & Madhatter!

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I ment not a lot of new things that weren't shown in the first trailer, I see most of the new things through you. Very Happy

Well, too bad she died. Rolling Eyes

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BTW, I think we should update the quiz section.

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But what can the quiz be? Hmm....

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Should it be about something that was in the chapter? Or something the readers don't know and are supposed to guess?

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It needs to be something in the chapter, but something that isn't obvious, that requires a lot of attention... Rolling Eyes

And I've just compiled a list of all things that happen to Em and Cyrus, you know, for the story, and do I have a lot to write.

Arrival in Capitol
Opening Ceremonies
Capitol – With Dayna and Elysabeth
Leaving the Capitol


Cyrus falls for Em
The Ambush
Leaving Em
Hating, Watching the Fight, taking as hostage
The Hunt for each other
Reunited, finally
Confession of Love, locket
Being split apart. Again
Cyrus looking for Em, Em thinking Cyrus is dead
Reunited. Again.m confrontation with Jason
Fight on the cliff
Running away, Cyrus getting hurt
The fight at the cornucopia
The wait for Em to wake, the revelation she has no memory
Cyrus helping her remember
Interviews of loved ones
Tyran’s death, the song, announcement of feast, the story of them
Heading to feast, ready, then going into shutdown mode
Running after Cyrus, remembering everything. Meeting him to say so, the kiss
The feast
The packs, dancing
Relaxing, heading to lake
The lake, the robbery (of food...)
The volcano, the battle
Em’s death
Retreating, realising the truth of her death
Meeting the tributes once again, conversation with Jason
Talking to her, the drea
The final battle, killing Jason (If you want to. Like you said, you wanted less suicides. So yeah. Rolling Eyes )
Speech about Em, Cyrus’ death


Mentor in Capitol
Back in District 9

Of course, there is no way that I'll ever post all of these. I just wrote them down so I had a choice when it comes to writing my next chapter. But I needed to list all of my 'Arena' moments, so I know what happened.
I needed a refresher... Neutral

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That is a lot...

1. Cyrus got hurt? When? I don't remember...
2. you won't have to write EVERYTHING, in places where they meet other tributes, it could be written from someone else's POV. And things might be changed, wecan't know for sure... (that's why I started the RPG here *cough*, I still can't understand how threads can diw when there is only ONE page of threads... Laughing )
3. For now, I want you to kill Jason, if that's fine with Cyrus' conscience* Smile . I thought about a few other options, but they don't really make sense...

*Maybe Jason will kill Emmi-Belle or something like that? I didn't completly think about that...

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Well, there is something I've wanted to admit for a long time, and now I think is a good time to announce it.

Remember that picture of Cyrus falling off a cliff? I wanted that to happen. Embarassed

The thing was, if Emmi-Belle won and became victor, Cyrus would be pushed off the cliff in his last noble crusade to save Emmi-Belle, ultimately leading to her victory. Of course, she won't win, but I think it would be a nice twist for people who have actually read the RPG, even though they weren't supposed to, and be thrilled with the shock of Cyrus dying and Em living a little longer.
On the other hand, Cyrus does seem much more touched, and therefore Em dying was good for that purpose, but I can easily make Emmi-Belle mushy like that.

But if you wanted to, Jason could corner Em on the cliff, with a sword, about to push her off, when Cyrus knocks him off, but Cyrus tumbles down with him, they both die, and Em watches in horror.
That was actually my original idea, but I couldn't say anything to you without giving it away or without godmodding your sim. Embarassed So that can happen fairly close to the end, if you wanted. We don't have to do that, I just wanted to share my rather random idea, and original plan, with you. Very Happy

And don't worry, if the above happens or not, I will find time to kill Jason. Twisted Evil

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Sounds good, though that changes all the final battle, they'll have to get there somehow... Very Happy (BTW, the evil face doesn't suit you.)
But that means that Ele will have to kill Em, or thatEmmi is going to kill herself?

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Yeah, that's the bit I didn't think of yet... Embarassed

I think she'd hate the idea of suicide with a weapon, deliberately hurting herself like that...
She might beg for Ele to kill her, or Ele just kills her.
Or if Em wants to, she could somehow drown herself like Jason did, or jump from the cliff, after Cyrus. Which is a bit stupid, but anyway... Rolling Eyes

And I think the best way to get everyone to the cliff is when the volcano starts to errupt, instead of running to the lake, they run to the cliff, since it is probably the highest point in the arena. (besides the volcano itself)
Then they can have the final battle then and there, and it's all finished.

And haha, yes I know I don't suit the evil face. I even felt evil just using it... Shocked

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That should be fun. Very Happy

Jason: Muhahaha!
Emmi: EEEK!
Cyrus: *pushes*
Emmi: Oh Cyrus! You saved my life.
Cyrus: Yup. *jumps off cliff*
Emmi: *jumps off cliff*
Ele: Cool, I won. Cool

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That might be a good death. For the final two, it might be Ele and Em, Cyrus and Jason had just died. Both feel extremely sad, since the boy they loved just died, when the lava starts to climb up onto the cliff. It starts to swish and sway, and Emmi-Belle is either hit first, and Ele is rescued before being killed herself, or Emmi-Belle being the typical selfless person she is, jumps into the lava so Ele can win. She does it because she can't live without Cyrus, and two she knows Ele deserves to win, and dies an unchanged hero.

Okay, maybe a hero is an overstatement, but still. Embarassed

That's just an idea though, nothing permanent. But in the end, I guess it is up to Alex to decide if she wants to do it or not.

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Rolling Eyes
Another thing: *technical problem*, is there any chance that could happen near the lake? Cuz I was counting on only a small part with the cliff, because distant terrain is annoying...

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Well, maybe after the cliff tragedy, everyone else runs back down to the lake?

We don't need to do the cliff bit, but I just wanted to because Cyrus doesn't want to kill anyone. And him committing suicide is a bit overused, since that's how Ashlon dies... if Dilly decides to do that again. Very Happy

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He can push Jason to the lake...? No

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Jason pushes Em into the lava, Cyrus saves Em, falls in the lava with Jason, Em and Ele run away. Both are now extremely depressed with their 'love' gone, and Emmi-Belle sacrifices herself for Ele, knowing she has people to go back to, and Em doesn't want to live without Cyrus.


Oh, this is hard. >.<

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What are we going to do with the lava? Fire?

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Do you mean how are we going to make the pictures, or what is going to happen, where is it going to go, ect?

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BTW, maybe instead of Jason trying to kill Emmi-Belle, he was in afight with Cyrus, and then when Emmi saw Cyrus was about to fall into the lava, she pushed Jason and fell in, too, as an accident? As lame as my idea is, Jason isn't so Jason-ish for the entire games. At first he hopes someone else will kill Ele (if Alex will agree to the idea I thought of during History.), but somewhere in the Capitol he realizes he doesn't want her to die but doesn't admit it because that would mean he has to die, and when the 'robbery' (as you called it) happens, and Cyrus talks to him (or something else I thought about during Math, a few lesson of Math actually) he realises he's a monster and tries to save Ele, so he won't try to kill Emmi (for being Emmi-Belle), and...
I'm sorry I'm not focused, watching the Catching Fire one now... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
Lol, it's so stupid and hilarious at the same time.... Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

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It's so funny Laughing

But that idea sounds really good. Although we still don't know how we are supposed to end it. Neutral

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We shall wait for Alex. (Is it that bad that everytime I want to say Alex I start with 'El'?)
While I will keep watching/ do math homework/ build the arena/ play my game. My sim had twins with Jason. Cool

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Chapter Two - Deadline: January 29th! To be created by Alex & Madhatter! - Page 10 Lava10

This is a very scrappy and basic version, but it is a starting point, nonetheless.

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Hummm... I liked the cliff idea clown (WHY!?)
The editing looks really good- I vaguely know how to do that.

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Which cliff idea? There were a few.... Rolling Eyes

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The Jason-and-Cyrus-Falling-Off-a-Cliff-Simultaneously one.

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I do, too. Glad you like it. Very Happy

And that way, we can prevent boring our readers with three suicides. Neutral I think one is enough. Smile

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