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Nemo's Fanfic :D Updates every single day if possible

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Okay so I'm going to post his backstory, his feelings about the Hunger far should I go? Until his death or until the Reaping?

I wake up, slowly stretch, and get out of bed. I smile at my snoring brother Alex and gently tap his shoulder.

"Alex...Alex! Wake up!" I whisper.

"Whassup..?" he mutters, rubbing his eyes. He yawns. "What, is today a holiday or something?"

"It's the Reaping," I whisper. "We need to get dressed."

Alex jumps up and gets dressed quickly. "Hurry up!" he says. "It's the Reaping!"

I roll my eyes and get dressed.

I walk downstairs and sit next to my mom. "Hi," I mumble.

"Oh, Nemo. I wanted to talk to you about something." she says.

"I just want you to know that if you get chosen-"

I interrupted. "If we get chosen, we should always remember our families and what's most important. You tell us every year..."

I played with my cereal.

"Yes, but..." Mom smiled a little. "I know that, but everyone wants to win every year for their district, right?" I nodded. "But does everyone win? Of course not. And if you're chosen, there's a one in twenty-four chance you'll win. And although I hope you'll win, the odds are you won't." I frowned. "But that doesn't mean you'll be chosen. I'm just...warning you."

Xander looked at us, wide-eyed. "Nemo gonna die?"

My mom chuckled. "No, Nemo isn't going to die. Now..." she clapped her hands. "Everyone, get ready! It's time to go to the Reaping!"

I stand with the rest of the citizens my age. A boy in front of me smiles knowingly.

"What?" I asked, curious. He waved his hand dismissively.

"I know who the male Tribute is." he said, smiling.

"Who?" I asked. But the boy just smiled again and turned away.

The mayor's hand is poised outside the rim of the bowl. He smiles and begins the opening speech. I barely listen, wondering who the male tribute could be.

"The male tribute is..." the mayor pauses for effect. "Nemo Hennesen."

I stop, suddenly. I look at the boy. He grins and pushes me forward. "Good luck." he hisses.

I stumble onto the stage, vaguely aware everyone is watching. I slowly lower myself into a chair, but I miss. Everyone bursts into laughter as I get back in the chair.

"Nemo gonna die?" Xander asks, hiding in my mother's arms.

"Yes, honey." she says, her voice barely audible. "Nemo is going to die."

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I think you should go to his death. That way, you can express how his feelings change through the Games. And I can't wait to read it! Very Happy

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Everybody writing their characters' fanfic? Neutral (<-- Neutral. Just like Ashlon)
Until his death! Nemo's awesome!

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Nemo is my offense, Jason, but Nemo hates you. Laughing

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Jason is honnored to have Nemo as his enemy, he just doesn't know it Laughing
A lot of people hate Jason, no? It's much more fun to rp like that! Twisted Evil

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I don't think Cyrus is too fond of Jason... Rolling Eyes

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I've been waiting to hear that since he called him one of his only 'guy friends' Suspect

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You know, it really highlights my point on how depressed he is. He hates/hated Jason, but because he absolutely wants to kill Tyran, everything else doesn't matter. It really emphazises my point on how all the tributes should band together, or it really highlights how depressed Cyrus is, to consider Jason a friend. And please stop doing the suspicious eyes at me! They are scary.... affraid

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I have waited so long for an excuse to use that face.... cyclops

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If he wants Tyran dead, (as Coin, Snow AND Jason) I can arrange something... Suspect

Stop screaming at me like that! affraid
He looks so innocent at first... Neutral <--- like that.
And then he's all :O affraid

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Yes, let's kill him! Neutral
Well, you know, Cyrus is a gentle, conflicted soul. He really wants to kill that idiot (I don't even want to say/type his name! Even though I created him...) he would have. But because he loves Emmi-Belle, he doesn't want to sacrifice her happiness. Read all about it in my next RP post, coming soon.

Like, in a few minutes.

And by the way, I totally think this face ----> affraid
is scary.

No offence, scary face.

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Unlike Cyrus, Jason is a monster, so he has no problem with killing people. Kinda.
But he'll let Cyrus kill Tyran, instead he will kill teh scary face. (I don't even use them, too scary!)

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Yes, I am sure you will run into the scary face in the forest of District 13... Rebel!

Ha, that made me laugh, because rebel has two meanings:

1. Rebels live in District 13, ready to take over the Capitol
2. Rebel because you are isobdient and defyied your own rules. Razz

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Why not? You think the scary face has something better to do?

And technically, if I rebel the rebels, then I'm not actually a rebel. Rolling Eyes

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Neutral Brain freeze...


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*screams* *kills scary face*

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Well, this is the Hunger Games.... Rolling Eyes

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So suddenly it's OK killing people?

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Well, it's not, but I'm just stating a fact.


Thank-you. What a Face

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Well, this is the Hunger Games...

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*drops to the ground*

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*evil laugh*

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*goes to get up* Oh, wait a second, I'm dead. pale

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Does that mean I won?

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Pretty much.

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