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Jory's fanfic inspired by his friends, keep checking, more being posted each day!

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okay, I am almost done typing, but im so tired from typing like all day. I sectioned it into 4 chapters:
ch.1 is the reaping
ch.2 is the capitol
ch.3 is the arena up until the final 12
ch.4 is from final 12 to the victor

(warning, i am really bad at writing so it might not be good!!!)

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The 65th
Hunger Games

A Fan- fiction

By: Jory Gomes

This story was inspired by 3 of my closest friends who helped enable the creation of this wonderful story. I want to thank the 3 of them for their awesomeness!!!!

Big thanks to the 3 of them:

Note: Our names are pronounced weird, to help you I have provided a name dictionary right here:
Alyssa is pronounced: Uh-lee-suh
Jory is pronounced: Jor-ee
Ella is pronounced: El-luh
Jamie is pronounced: Jay-mee


In the future, there is a land called Panem, built on the ruins of what used to be North America.

Panem was separated to 13 districts and the Capitol.

After the rebellion of the districts against the Capitol the Capitol won, defeated the 12 first districts and completely destroyed the 13th.

And to remind the 12 remaining districts they lost the war, and that they should never disregard the Capitol again, the Capitol decreed the institution of the Hunger Games, a battle to death between the rebel's children. 24 go in and only 1 comes out.

Each district is forced to have a young man and women between the ages of 12 and 18 selected randomly to participate in the Hunger Games.

They are sent to the Capitol to endure the City Circle, training, interviews and finally they are put in the nature-inspired arena to have a fight to the death, last one standing wins.

They are thrown together equal distance from the cornucopia, which holds tools for survival and the most important tool…

Weapons. There are weapons that range from short distance to long distance. There are medieval weapons and new more modern inventions.

The Hunger Games will put these unlucky teenagers to their test

It is a game of strategy, force, brutality, smarts, instincts and survival. Who will be the victor this year?

Help for understanding:
Let’s get to it; this story can be very confusing if you don’t have complete understanding. This story is written in 4 chapters.

Chapter 1: The Reapings
Chapter 2: The Capitol
Chapter 3: The Arena up to the final 12
Chapter 4: The Arena from final 12 to the Victor

Simple enough right? WRONG!! To make this all the more interesting, I made 4 alternate endings that could replace Chapter 4 if you wanted!

Chapter 5: Alyssa
Chapter 6: Jory
Chapter 7: Ella
Chapter 8: Jamie

(heads up i am writing it in rpg form if that makes sense. I will post more later, but its a lot to copy paste, so yeah...)

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Tribute info:

district tribute weapon/s of choice agegender
1Andor Purpura long spear 16 male
1 Alyssa Rubine cast-iron sword and throwing knives 16 female
2Kriz Phillips combat knife 17 male
2Anise Argor throwing knives18 female
3coil of wire Ian Barner 14 male
3 Dev Divorjnatwo sais 17female
4 Jory Marronelle bow and arrows, butcher knife 15male
4Vaticka Malnack trident 16 female
5Ceasar Garnett bludgeon 16 male
5Anette Dragonflow spiked swining mace14 female
6James Korman long knife 18 male
6 Penelope Persopolisspiked club 13 female
7Kai Long 2-sided axe 12 male
7 Lola Cabernet 1-sided axe 15female
8Raff Gonezmi spear 12 male
8 Chrysanthemum Lingstakes and rope 14 female
9Grant Kloss giant hammer14 male
9 Ella Oathart blowgun and poisonous darts 16female
10 Axel Zepherson curved sword 17 male
10 Jamie Mare axe and short hand spear 16female
11Hayden Pitt sword18 male
11 Lavender Temblebig knife 17 female
12 Alexander Macedon unspiked mace16 male
12 Iris MumPick-axe 12 female

(i realized after writing the story that i accidentally used vaticka as the d4 girl and that is Alex's character in the current hg rpg)

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Vatica is famous Laughing

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The arena contains a water fall that...

leads down a steep mountain valley with a creek running through it, has many caves along the creek

the creek goes down a small hill leading

into a lake with a meadow and the cornucopia the the right of it.

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thats all for today, i will post the biginning of the story hopefully sometime tomorrow or friday for sure.

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Some of those look like places that I go hiking in every summer... beautiful!

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okay here goes nothing:

Chapter 1: The Reapings


My best friend Irene and I head towards the auditorium, I am in a magenta dress with black shoes. We take our seats next to each other and we see the stage, it’s a stone stage gilded with gold. In the center is a staircase with 5 steps, and a golden hand rail. Up on the stage there is this year’s mentors, our mayor, some officials, and the escort this year, his name is Symone Senegal, he looks like a cheetah and a tiger threw up on him. Its animal prints galore. Our mentors this year are Dayna Purpura and Flynn Machester. Both are stereotypical victors from district 1. They start the ceremony and my mind begins to race. They play the anthem, speeches are given, blah blah blah, and then Symone dips his hands into the ball with the girls’ names on it…


I wake up and catch some fish and dive for clams for breakfast for my family. We eat and then we take the ferry from our part of district 4 named the Catch and head towards the north where the reaping will take place, In the View. I sit down in my black shirt and navy slacks with some kids my age and look for my friend Caleb, he comes over and we talk about how the stage looks, its made of driftwood and seaweed. I smell the salt in the air and hope I don’t get picked. Tony Tilya and Fanna Gronghim the mentors this year sit with the mayor and after the anthem and some speeches, the escort for our district, a ridiculous 50-year old woman who tries hard to care for our tributes but her snootiness makes all of us want to barf, but it might also be the fact that she reeks of peaches. Oh and her name is Peach Princess, how coincidental. Anyways, she pulls out the name for the girl tribute and it is Vaticka, she is known for her ability hold a trident like a maniac. She trains like a career but that’s because she is from the Shine part of the district. The crowd gives applause because she isn’t sad to be going, she is happy and I kind of hate her for it. Everyone silences and then, peach reaches her hand into the ball with the boys names on it…


Oddly enough, I have gotten used to the smell of uncooked wheat, it is putrifying, no wonder our escort Owen Olsen always has his nose scrunched up. I sit in my assigned seat in my light green dress that mum made. Our mentors are only alive because of luck and they have never been able to get a tribute back home in the 30 years since they won in consecutive years, their names are Agatha Hazel and Hayward Glance. I daydream for a while and all of a sudden I hear Owen talking.

“And the female tribute this year is…”


I feed the baby horses and then ride their father to the fence, on our ranch at the fence I can walk a mile and be at where the reaping takes place. I ride Sader to he fence and give him a pat on the head and I walk to the stage, it is broken down and sad. The mayor and the mentors this year, Cleo Larson and Dawn Freesia, sit drunkard-like in their chairs and Then I blink and the district escort ,who is a guy that is has bright pink dreadlocks wears flowery clothes and is named Liza Kelli, is calling the girl tributes name.

“The female and male tributes who will represent district 10 in the annual Hunger Games is…”

(thats all ive got so far)

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You wrote it?
And it's like based on you and your friends?
That's so cool! Very Happy

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yeah me and my 3 best friends, we all love the hunger games, and the story is awesome, but that is all i have so far, well typed at least.

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Well, you'll keep posting new chapters right? Very Happy

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Okay, almost done with ch. 2 . I just have to type the interviews, it's funny that's where we are in the current rpg. pig

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aWESOME monkey

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Chapter 2: The Capitol


I arrive to the capitol and wave to the adoring people. They all are here cheering for me, scratch that, they are cheering for Andor, he is the one who volunteered. I am rushed into the remake building and meet my stylist, Anne Smith. It’s an oddly normal name for a Capitol citizen. After several painful hours, I am allowed to see the gown. It’s gorgeous; it is a shade of pink that goes with my skin tone great. Then after an hour of makeup, I get to look in a mirror. They highlighted my cheekbones, and made my eyes fabulous with jewel tones. Then I walk in the room that contains all the tributes.


I am in the tribute “holding tank”. There are a couple of tributes there. I am dressed and ready. I am wearing white pants and a white shirt with a striped black tie, and a black belt. It is really laid back looking with the powder blue/aqua coat I am wearing. I walk over to the careers, all stereotypical, stupid and murderous. Except one, her name is Alyssa. We walk over to a sofa and we talk, we both find out that neither of us, despite being in a career district, trained for the games. I want her as an ally. Her partner is being lifted into their chariot and she hurries over there.
“Wait!” I say.
“Allies?” I mouth.
She nods in assent, then smiles. I actually feel confident now.


I sit in my girly city circle outfit and then walk over to a couch. It was such a rush, arriving to the Capitol and then the stylist and the mean prep team. The girl from district 10 walks over.


I walk over to another girl, Ella, I think… Anyways we start talking and we realize that both our mentors abandoned us. Neither of us wants to outright ask, but we both want to be allies. It is hard for me to say it, but I do.
“So, do you want to be allies? We could train together tomorrow…”
“Yes, I really didn’t want to have to do this alone.” says Ella almost right after I ask.
“Great” I reply.
“Well, I better get to my chariot”
“Okay, bye. See you soon.” I say.


I finally reached for the doorknob to my room. Andor had hogged the attention in the City Circle and I might just have to kill him for it.


I feel bad for Alyssa, her district mate grabbed for all the attention, just like Vaticka did. I sleep easy into my first morning of training.


Jamie and I ride in the elevator together, I smile and wave good-bye when I get off the 9th level and escape to my room.


I twirl my curly red hair the rest of the way to my room. Axel ignores me and I decide that he isn’t going to be on my good side.


I get to the training center and I find Alyssa at knot-tying.
“Oh, what’s up Jory?”
“Besides being sent to fight to the death in a few days?”
She laughs and says “Okay Mr. Jokester”
We try to make snares but we don’t do well. But I manage to make a decent trap while she is trying to make a net out of grasses.
“Uhh, not to be rude but you’re doing that wrong?”
“I know... in the arena can you be the one who fishes for food?”
We laugh, but that time is going to come before we know it. We give up on knots and we go to the camouflage station where we find Ella and Jamie.


Jory and Alyssa join us and the four of us start talking and meanwhile I successfully camouflaged myself into a meadow of flowers. We decide to train together and after going through all the survival stations, Jamie excels at edible plants and animals, I can climb great and Alyssa and Jory are good, or better than me, at knot-tying and setting traps.


We eat lunch together and that’s when Jory asks Ella and me if we want to be in an alliance with him and Alyssa.
“Well wouldn’t that be a large alliance?”
He replies simply “yes, but it will work, I can feel it”
“Sure” Ella and I both say.


We go to the hand-to hand combat station and Jamie and I do great using the combat knives in hand-to hand combat, but Jory and Ella don’t do great. Jory does better with the square angular knives and Ella does okay-ish. Then we have to go back to our rooms for dinner and bed, we decide on the elevator ride up, that we will focus tomorrow on each of us finding a weapon we like.


Its training day 2 and we decide to do weapons and such. Ella comes up with the idea of doing long-distance, then short-distance. It is a solid plan and we start at bow and arrows. I immediately fall in love with it. I do great and I am able to hit moving targets, even birds with pinpoint accuracy. Then, Ella walks over to miscellaneous weapons and finds the blowgun. She does great. All it needs is some poison at the end of it and she is golden. We then move to combat knives. We each select one that we like. I like the square angular one. Ella like the one that can saw at the end, then Jamie chooses a long one and Alyssa likes the short one.


We move on to knife throwing. Jory does great, but only with that square one. The others he misses sometimes.


After the knife station, we head to short-distance. Alyssa is a great sword wielder; she holds the thin one with great confidence and is massacring dummies left and right. Jamie is okay with swords, but her true strength is in an axe. She was even able to decapitate a dummy with one of those. She can use its momentum great in hand to hand combat, but can throw them great. I am glad to have her as an ally.


It is time for the training session with the gamemakers now. I do well and show them my sword skills.


I show the gamemakers the skills I have at the butcher knife and decide to leave the bow and arrows for a finale, and I puncture the rope of a punching bag with an arrow.


I play with my blowgun awhile but the gamemakers aren’t paying attention until I manage to hit a moving dummy from 50 yards away, while climbing the rock wall.


I play with that awesome axe and some hand spears and do great. The gamemakers like it.


Since our mentors have abandoned all of us, we decide to watch the training scores together in the lounge. We watch pointless news then the training scores are announced. Surprisingly, we all get 7’s.
“Not too bad, huh” I say.
We all laugh together and walk over to the elevator.


“Good night” I tell Ella as she gets off the elevator. I actually feel really confident that I have a shot of winning now. I am glad that I have found a good weapon.


I decide to watch a recap of the scores on the T.V. in my room. It is presented like a graph.

Andor Purpura 10
Alyssa Rubine 7
Kriz Phillips 11
Anise Argor 10
Ian Barner 6
Dev Divorjna 6
Jory Marronelle 7
Vaticka Malnack 9
Ceaser Garnett 5
Anette Dragonflow 5
James Korman 6
Penelope Persopolis 5
Kai Long 3
Lola Cabernet 4
Raff Gonezmi 5
Chrysanthemum Ling 3
Grant Kloss 8
Ella Oathart 7
Axel Zepherson 8
Jamie Mare 7
Hayden Pitt 9
Lavender Temble 9
Alexander Macedon 8
Iris Mum 2


It is time for the interviews. The four of us spent the day doing nothing since our escorts and mentors abandonded us. We walked around the building then we went to our stylists. My stylist put me in a lovely long deep purple dress with silver shoes. Alyssa is in a short dress that ranges from yellow to salmon to red. Ella is in a one-shouldered dark green dress and Jory is wearing white pants, gray shoes, a light blue shirt and a gray cardigan. We all sit down in our respective seats.


I am first up for the interviews. My name is announced and I walk up on stage.
“So… Alyssa how do you think you will do in the games?” asks Ceaser.
“I think I will do great”
“Any allies?” he asks.
“Well, there has to be some surprise element in the arena, so no comment”
*Long minutes of pointless banter*
“Well good luck to you Alyssa” he says excitedly.


I sit in my chair and watch Alyssa, she was okay… Then the pair from 2 are acting like ruthless killing machines. District 3 looks exasperated. Vaticka is charming and sly. I get up there and I hope I don’t fail.
“Hello Jory” says Ceaser.
“Well hello there.”
“So, what is your life like back home?”
“My parents own the butcher shop and other than that my life is pretty normal I guess”
“How do you like the Capitol?” asks Ceaser.
“I like it, I guess I will be seeing it this time every year from now on, so I better get used to it…”
The crowd laughs and then my buzzer sounds.


I sit on that dang chair on the stage, I don’t do anthing special like the desperate ones from 6,7, and 8. I just am myself and Ceaser turns it into a few jokes, but other than that, my interview is pretty boring overall.


I walked up on stage to ooh’s and ahh’s about my dress.
“So, Jamie do you like your dress” asks Ceaser.
“Well who wouldn’t?”
“Agreed, so what do you think of the games.” Says Ceaser.
“I am confident, I believe I can win.”
“Wonderful” Ceaser trills.
After a minute of pointless talk and a few comments about my dress involving a purple cow the buzzer goes off.

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Oooooh! Aaaah! cheers cheers cheers cheers

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I havn't checked my e-mail in forever, and forgot about this site... Embarassed but anyway, back and I love this fan-fic! I'm generally a fan of writing fan-fic's with friends. My friend and I are writng a Invader Zim fan-fic... I hav a habit of getting of topic, sorrry. clown

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Getting off topic's a good thing Very Happy
Wanna rp? I'm alone in the arena... With teh echoes of course

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Your Fan-Fic is awesome. I love it! What a Face

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aww thanks purly! but yours is bound to even better What a Face

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Meh. Mine is just a bunch of jibber jabber about Cyrus... Emmi-Belle... Love... Tyran... Trees...

(When I wrote jibber jabber, the first thing I thought of was Jabberjays Laughing )

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I thought you said jabberjay until I read the brackets! Shocked
Does it mean we do to much Hunger Games stuff?

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Yes. Yes it does. But that's a good thing. Wink

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Jory, when is the next instalment going to be posted? Very Happy

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