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Chapter One: Reaping. {II} Ashlon and Sage. Deadline?

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You on Purly? How was camp? Want to RP on the sims forums? Want to discuss the story? World peace? Global warming?

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I walked out of bed and throw on some clothes after my short bath. My friend Niel walked in the kitchen from our bedroom. I live with his parents, so does my little brother. and his little brother. All 4 of us in one room, and his parents in the other.

That was 7 hours ago, now I am at the reaping destination, the town square. It is a large concrete blank space, with the orchards to the left and the town shops on the right. I sit next to Neil amongst the other 16 year olds. We wait impatiently, waiting for it to start.
"I wonder who will get chosen this year." Neil says.
"I hope it isn't one of us. I want this to go by quickly."
"Yeah," he mumbles.

We see the mayor, a balding man with tan skin, walks up.
He talks forever about the history of Panem and we all wait, none of us listening. He introduces the mentor this year, Lucius Khan. Then he introduces our escort, Jyrone Effervence. He smiles a coy grin and wishes us all luck.

"Well, lets do girls first, shall we"
My stomach cramps up as I wait to see who will go in the arena.
"Allison Peel!"

She stands up with red eyes and walks over, she is 18 and has stopped going to school. She got pregnant at 15. She tries to run to her husband who is 19 and holding the baby, but the peacekeepers grab her instead. She kicks and eventually settles into a chair and waits to see her baby, possibly for the last time. The baby starts crying.

"That baby can please quiet down." says the escort
Allison shoots him a glare.
"Boys are up now."
He dips his hand in the bowl and swirls it around for what seems like an eternity.
"Sage Marller!"

I look at Neil and then at the peacekeepers waiting for me to get up, all eyes on me I walk down the aisle and try to stay composed, but I do, while the mayor wishes us luck and the peacekeepers send us to the good-bye rooms.

I think of my plan, I need an alliance, not with Allison; she isn't being very compliant, last thing I need is a troublemaker. I do feel bad for her baby though. I think of teaming up with few careers, and that sounds good, but not all of the careers. Best thing to do is to split up the careers.
This thought is the last one I have before Neil walks into the room for good-byes...


"Welcome everyone, to the festivities following up to the thirtieth Hunger Games! I'm Caser Flickerman, and I'll be bringing all of you a live feed of what happens, when it happens regarding the upcoming Games." Caesar beams.

"Sitting next to me is the illustrious and beautiful Dedris Appleton, Head Gamemaker of this year's Games. Dedris, hello!" Caesar cheers.

"It's a pleasure to be here." Dedris smiles.
"Now, we are all dying to know, what can we expect from you and your team in the Arena this year?"

"I am not allowed to disclose much here, Ceaser." Dedris says.
Caesar makes an 'aw' sound, and the camera crew joins in in chorus.
"But I can tell you a few elements of the Arena." Dedris says, as Caesar erupts into applause.
"Wonderful!" He cheers.

"This year," Dedris states "The arena will be very rich in foliage and trees."

"There will be sufficient water supplies."

"The Arena will be very large."

"With may falls to look out for."

"That's all I can say regarding the Arena, but to all viewers at home, there are big surprises in store for this year's tributes."

"Fantastic!" Caesar cheers.
"Now, if you were a tribute to be sent in this year, how would you feel after seeing the arena?"
"Besides being utterly terrified?" Dedris asks, and Caesar laughs.
"It would be a very hard decision, to choose where to go. The opportunities would seem endless, and there isn't one obvious path to take. And I would be feeling suspicious, as the Arena is fraught with danger."

"There you have it folks, some information for the highly anticipated Games! Thank you so much Dedris for sharing with us tonight." Caesar compliments.

"Thank you so much for having me." Dedris says, all smiles, as she rises from her chair.

"And to everyone watching at home, thank you for watching, and I can't wait to share with you the Games." Caesar says.
"And remember, may the odds be ever in your favour."

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Very Happy

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Hey guys this is the very first rpg, that i created and i am really hope that you guys join, i have a bunch of people joined already but i would LOVE to have some of the old crew there!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

here is the link:

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In a good way.

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You know what a great feeling it is to come here and see this forum active?
It makes up for being sick.

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