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Chapter One - Deadline: January 16th! We now have a thread! Check out last page!

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And Sage! I forgot Sage! *slaps self*
Maybe Jory will want a place in the reaping, too?

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'Ello. I'm not sure if I put Nemo's download link here (I forget easily jocolor ) but here you go. Anyone want to make a banner for me? XD

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You couldn't make a banner for Ele, could you? Please?

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I'll make one for everyone! Very Happy It will take a bit of time, because I will be on and off today, but I should have all banners and posters posted by tonight. (Well, tonight for me, I am not quite sure what the time will be for you...) Cool

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*Happy Dance*

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My eyes flutter open, as the sun shines into the room. I cover my eyes, and slip out of bed. I neatly place the bed cover back over my mattress, and walk out the door.

I find myself in the kitchen, looking at the bench. I grab out a loaf of bread, and drizzle it with nectar. I place them on plates, and line them down the bench.

Pippy walks into the room, her hair sticking up in all directions, and her eyelids still heavy. She waddles over to the table, and starts munching on breakfast.
"Morning, Pippy." I say cheerfully.
"Hi, Emmi." She replies.

I look behind me, at the frightening under stocked cupboards. In front of me, is a thin dining table, and an archway to the sitting room. To my left, lines the hallway that leads to our bedrooms and bathroom. On the right, is a wall-sized window, overlooking the golden crops.

"Tyran is not awake, is he?" Pippy asks, still half asleep.
"Riddle me this, when has he been awake before eight o'clock? I rest my case." I say with a smirk.
Pippy giggles, almost choking on her breakfast.
I start slowly chomping on my rations, and let the flavour of honey sweeten my tongue. I am not even sure how the Ralin's can afford this. It might be best not to know.

I reach over the bench and take Pippy’s plate, and put it in the sink. I head back to my bedroom, and slip out of my pajamas and dress into my clothes. I quickly put my hair in a messy side pony tail, and head out the door. There, I find Pippy, dressed and ready to go.

“Do you have your bag ready?” I ask her.
“Yeah, I did it last night.” She replies.
“Good girl.” I say, as I pat her on the head.
We walk down the street, both heading to school.

I smile, realizing how truly dysfunctional my family is. Both my parents are dead, but I have a sister, Lavender. She is much older than me, so she took care of me. That is, until she had a child. After that, I was always a second thought, never important. I was fourteen at the time. It was lucky I had Tyran, my amazing boyfriend, who offered me to come live with his family. I am so happy with them, I actually feel like I belong, like I do have a loving family. I absolutely adore Pippy, Tyran’s twelve year old sister. I treat her like she was my sister, because she deserves it.

I smile as we reach the end of the street, until we hear an odd screeching. I stop, and turn. I see Tyran racing down the street, his hair a mess, his shoes untied, his shirt still covering his face. He runs into us, and we almost topple over. Tyran quickly pulls his shirt over his body, and pants.

“Why did you leave me there?”
“You weren’t awake. We wanted you to have your beauty sleep.” I smirk.
“Great, because of you, I didn’t have breakfast. I’m starving!” Tyran cries.
“Well, have a big lunch.” Pippy giggles.
Tyran rolls his eyes, and I suppress a laugh.

We reach an intersection, and cross. From the corner of my eye, I can feel eyes trained on me. I don’t fully recognise the boy, since he is hiding behind a fence, but he does look familiar.

We walk down the stretch of road, to the school. A group of girls pass us, all looking at Tyran.
“Hi, Tyran.”
“Hey, Tyran.”
“Looking good today, Tyran.”
“Tyran, hi!”
One of the downsides of being Tyran’s girlfriend is the rep I’ve gotten. Because Tyran is so popular, people expect me to be horrible and mean. But I’m not. I am not one to follow the crowds, be a sheep. Neither does Tyran, and that is why we are so great together.

We finally reach outside the school gates, and I groan. I see Tyran roll his eyes and Pippy giggle.
“Have fun at school!” I say to Pippy, as she waves and runs to class.

“You really like her, don’t you?” Tyran says.
“Yeah, there is nothing here anymore. District nine, and every other district, is just a washed up wasteland with nothing in it. We are ruled by famine, Tyran. I want to hold on to the times of splendor while I can.”
“Times of splendor? We are still stuck in times of desperation, Emmi. And where on Earth did that outburst come from?” Tyran asks, bewildered.

I shake my head, as I start to tear up. Tyran comes up to me, and holds me in an embrace. I rest my head on his shoulder, as Tyran pats my back.
“It will be okay, Emmi. I promise.”
I feel my lips curl up into a smile through the tears. I back away from the embrace, and wipe the tears from my eyes.

And before I know it, Tyran and I are kissing. I know other people in the district will be raising their eyebrows, or teachers will come to reprimand us, but all I know for sure is everything will be alright, as long as I have Tyran.
With him, I can make it out of anything.

I kinda closed the cabint door on my index finger. And it started bleeding - so I thought I should do something. Rolling Eyes
All I did was putting the text in order with the pictures, well some of them. It turned out really long, and with a lot of pics. I think that could even be the prolouge without Nemo's part. Perfect start and ending. And at the right lengh for a prolouge.
Depends on Madhatter - if you want Nemo's part in it, or not, or you could explain Nemo's backround story in another chapter in a flashback, or maybe in the games (the part where he's with Ele and Ashlon) he could tell them about it or something.

(Was done with 9 fingers only. )

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Flashback! Yes!!!

I think I'll do him as a toddler or child. Probably child, because that's where Jason dies. Wink

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But he'll be at his age (a few weeks before the reaping) and have a flashback to when Jason died?

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Hi guys, sorry I've haven't poster this sooner, but my beloved cat was almost killed, so I've been nursing him back to health. No room for computers. Crying or Very sad He is fine now, so it's okay. Very Happy

And the post above looks great! So is it just me for that chapter? If so, we can have an early release! Cool And if that is true, that it is only my point of view, I am so sorry Madhatter for, well, basically kicking you out of business. I didn't mean for it to happen and I'm sorry. Sad

On another topic, I've been busy making banners and photos and such. I have encountered a problem though. I tried to download everyone's tributes. I did, but only Sage didn't work. (Sorry Jory. Sad ) I got everything installed in the game and most of the tributes turned out like this:

For the two that didn't, I made their character poster. The two who did download successfully was Electric and Ashlon. Even Electric didn't turn out right. Her hairstyle wasn't that cool up-do, it was bald. A bald sim. So I had to substitute it with a basic and bad hairstyle. (Since I only just uploaded sims on this computer, therefor having no custom content.)

Now, onto banners. Since I failed at uploading all the characters, (I'm so sorry! Crying or Very sad ) I made a heap of generic banners. I tested them all as my own banner, to make sure they worked. For each banner, I will post the picture, then the link below. The entire link is spaced apart. I'm sorry, it wouldn't let me post it otherwise. Neutral

[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 4 0 . t i n y p i c . c o m / m 7 y i k n . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 4 4 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 3 4 q l i 4 z . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 4 1 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 2 4 5 g e 4 j . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 3 9 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 1 2 0 h v z s . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 4 3 . t i n y p i c . c o m / o 6 l e e p . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

[[ U R L = h t t p : / / f o r u m . t h e s i m s 3 . c o m / j f o r u m / p o s t s / l i s t / 0 / 4 8 4 6 9 1 . p a g e # 7 3 4 6 9 7 8 / ] [ i m g ] h t t p : / / i 3 9 . t i n y p i c . c o m / 2 4 x f 6 t f . j p g [ / i m g ] [ / U R L ]

It is late here, and I better be getting off to bed. I will post more tomorrow, though. Since this range is limited, and not very good. :/

Bye! What a Face

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Awesome Smile
The banners, not the cat issue... Sad
I want a cat, but I live in an apartment and my om isnot a big fan of animals, so...
We could have an early realese! Who will be posting in on the storyboard? I don't mind doing it, I think everyone should post some of the chapters, but I won't do it when I'm the only one on... Razz That won't be very fair.
But I will be taking a banner, and because the first chapter probably won't be on January 16th, I'll use those who don't say January 16th. Surprised

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Awesome avi, Ronile. Cool

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Thanks! Smile
I wanted to use that pic on the sims site, but I don't know how to change the headshot picture. Sad

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You know, you could take the headshot and I could do all the other bit. Because I did the photos on photoshop, not everyone will be able to edit them, because photoshop isn't free. All you need to do is take a headshot of Jason, (and all other characters you want done) on a black background. But don't resize the picture, otherwise it won't fit the template I created. But, that's only if you want to, I don't mean to push you around. Embarassed

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Hai. Smile

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Hello. cherry

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I'll do it now, then! Very Happy

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I hope they're OK...

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Where's Jason? If Jason is the one in the middle, I'm sorry, it looks like Sage. Very Happy

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And the pictures are great, thank you! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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I put Jason, then I realized the backround wasn't completly black, so I went back into my game, took a picture of him (and Ele, cuz her hair works for me, so you or Alex might want it with the original hair), and now I'm uploading.

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I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Thank you!

And while I was doing Reen's poster, I was struck with an idea. Yes, an idea! As a sort of prolouge before the prolouge, we could use all the character posters and make a brief story about it. For each poster, the owner will write a short paragraph about their tribute. We would only do the important characters that come up, not the no shows. Here is an example:

Emmi-Belle is a sixteen year old from the crops in District Nine. Living with her boyfriend and his family, her life seemed perfect. It was, until the Reaping of the 30th Hunger Games. Her life changed in a heartbeat, going from wonderful and amazing to her own living hell. But within the depths of the arena, she discovers what she only dreamed she'd find in the golden pastures of Nine. She finds something more breathtaking than she could ever imagine.
With that in mind, she is finally ready for the Games to beign.

It was a random idea, but I thought it would give the reader's a bit of an insight into our characters before we learn much about them, and gives them brief hints in what to expect in later posts.
Just an idea, though. What a Face

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We can add a Characters section on the first page of the thread and put it there. Very Happy
How about we add the prolouge now? Do you want to put it on the storyboard, or do you want me to do it?

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I think the same person should upload them, so the people who read them can find them easier. But of course, we will all be given credit somewhere on it. Very Happy

And I've completed all the photos in alphabetical order! (according to first name.) Of course, there are other tributes we could add, but since they aren't uploaded, or I have had trouble downloading them, they aren't here. But here are most of them. Enjoy!:

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